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No Handlebars.

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"We have no blues"

No Handlebar.. was a low sec prirate alliance founded in May 2015 and shut down operations in September 2018. At its height it had over 300 pilots and held its own in numerous fights against the likes of Snuffed Out, Shadow Cartel, Panic Attack and Siege Green. It was known for famously having no blues and willing to take risky fights. It earned the respect from friends and foes by always trying to have a good fights, which often involved down-shipping to even the odds or deciding to not use its significant capital fleet in the interest of a good fight!

With whom we fought

Top 100 alliances in terms of total number of kills + losses with No Handlebars. - Click names for its zKillboard page

Some of our adventures

Comments from friends and foes

"Aw, dammit... I've always considered SWEG to be good at lowsec, fun and risky to fight against. Will be missed =__="

LeeNTien, Snuffed Out

"Sad to see you guys go, yet another proper low-sec alliance disappearing. Thank you for the fights over the years,(...)."

Zeerover, Shadow Cartel

"Was a good solid group, sad to see you go, we in BL have PTSD after meeting your nightmares and I'm sure Snuff will miss you guys, too."

Tiana Stark, Black Legion

"Was always a pleasure fighting you guys - good fights all round"

Yaaar's Revenge, Panic Attack

"Fought SWEG a few times around the Kamela area. Loved to hate them - they were the 'big brother' force. Great fights!"

Jack Harvey, Hull Penetration

"This is the first time I've found myself truly saddened by in-game nonsense since I returned to Eve"

Quix Unar, Victory or Whatever

"Wow. Really sorry to hear you guys are disbanding. I don't think I ever met a better group of people but only knew them through chatting. Of all the interactions never a bad one. Standup group of EVE players. o7"

Vayio, Black Rise Matters

See more comments about the disbanding of No Handlebars  here.

Our leaders


Godemporer and warmaster




Chief Diplomat


Master of the bots

Our Corporations

List of corporations as of August / September 2018. For a full list of corporation check out this dotlan page.

Our Memes

"A for disband"

"North Korea best Korea"

"SRP requests to Takeshi Kovacs"

"There is a Lif on the wormhole"

Our Songs

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